How Casper Is Awakening the Power of a Well-Rested World

CMO of the global sleep company chats about the importance of rest for the creative mind

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With a long and exciting history in the retail space, Lisa Pillette is pioneering the mattress industry with authenticity and warmth. After spending time at some of the world’s most exciting brands such as Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and HSN, it’s no wonder the young direct-to-consumer brand Casper is thriving under Pillette’s leadership.

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etuHome’s very own vp of marketing, Jasmine Atherton, sat down with Pillette to discuss the world’s dilemma, with sleep leaving 86% of people feeling unrested, as well as the importance of cultivating relationships as a CMO. “For new people, seeing that there’s an opportunity to continue to grow and evolve with that person, with that relationship throughout their career, in a way it’s very comforting,” says Pillette.

Pillette also touches on the young brand’s most recent partnership with Saturday Night Live alum Vanessa Bayer. The campaign drives homes the importance of fueling a better tomorrow with a great night’s sleep. Tune into this special guest-hosted episode of CMO Moves to hear Pillette talk about tapping into the creative process and what her favorite summer sweet treat is!