Zumba Fanatics Jerk and Twerk at Work in Brand’s First TV Spot

Can't stop, won't stop

Sometimes you just gotta werk it out, even though you're at work.

So says Zumba's first TV spot ever, created by 180LA, showing Zumba enthusiasts jerking and twerking almost against their will as the music in their head moves them.

Some 15 million people every week take a Zumba class, gyrating and wiggling their way to better health through ostensibly fun dance moves. Unlike the name implies, it's not just a fitness-based rumba; it actually combines a mind-boggling number of styles, resulting in the bizarre breakdowns in this video. Which means that no matter your level of fitness or whiteness, you too can Zumba the fat away.

The bigger focus here is just on the sheer exuberance. (The tagline is: "Let it move you.") The spot broke Monday on TV (and will be joined by a load of print) but is is already a hit online. I guess a lot of Zumba fans are finding it hard to contain their excitement over the video, too.

Credits below.


Client: Zumba

Agency: 180LA

Managing Partner, Chairman: Chris Mendola

Chief Creative Officer: William Gelner

Creative Director/Copywriter: Janet Champ

Creative Director/Art Director: Marta Ibarrondo

Head of Production: Natasha Wellesley

Producer: Kevin Diller

Account Manager: Jessica DeLillo

Production Company: RESET

Director: TWiN

Managing Director: Dave Morrison

Executive Producer: Jeff MacDougall

Bidding Producer: Jenn Ingalls

Head of Production: Amanda Clune

Producer: Ed Callaghan

Service Company: Capital Media Company

Executive Producer: Christian Allen

Head of Production: Keely Stothers

Editorial Company: Beast

Executive Producer: Jerry Sukys

Producer: Annie Maldonado

Editor: Paul Norling

Assistant Editor: Ryan Dahlman