Zendough rescues you from financial horror

Faceless freaks in top hats "walk among us" and magically steal our faces in Cramer-Krasselt's introductory spot (posted below) for personal money-management site Zendough.com. Roughly halfway through this 60-second ad, a young woman's face goes flying. It's not graphic, and it's obviously a metaphor for identity theft, but … it's her freaking face, and it appears to be screaming in agony! There are also hovering Stormtrooper-type heads spying on mankind and a dragon symbolizing interest rates that destroys a house. All of the strange goings-on—enough odd imagery to fill half a dozen freaky ads—makes the protagonist consider getting his finances in order. (He might not be the brightest penny in the piggy bank.) The service is supposed to help consumers achieve a Zen-like state with their dough. Perversion of Eastern philosophy aside, it's tough to buy such claims, because Zendough is offered by TransUnion, one of the big three credit-reporting firms. Those outfits are all about collecting and disseminating data to devise "scores" that can make or break your dreams of home ownership and such. That connection makes this whole bizarre, overblown sales pitch—no matter how sincere or well-intentioned—seem two-faced.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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