Y&R welcomes other brands into Xerox ads


In a muddled crossover we could surely live without, Xerox is welcoming other brands (and in some cases, the brand icons, including Mr. Clean and the Target bull's-eye dog) into its advertising. One TV spot is below; see two more, and some print work, after the jump. Brandweek says the Y&R campaign is "meant to show how Xerox enables each of these businesses to succeed, illustrated by the various tasks each of the brand mascots juggle." In one print ad, Mr. Clean is seen wiping a table while working some office equipment. "We focus on digitizing P&G's documents worldwide. So they don't have to," the text explains. The Target ad is really muddled. It shows the brand's familiar pooch delivering a package from the retailer. The ads are supposed to tout the depth and breadth of Xerox's expanded services. But having other brands' mascots duplicate their familiar shtick, rather than trying something wholly original, just reinforces the notion that Xerox is best at making copies.