Your Online Life Is So Artfully Lived, It Belongs in a Museum

Banking on humanity's endless proclivity for self-adoration, Intel presents "The Museum of Me," a delightful site where you can link to your Facebook profile and explore a virtual, visual archive of your social life. It basically creates a virtual museum of your friends, your likes, and your links, and then takes you on a little museum tour. Afterward, you can upload the whole thing to YouTube and show everyone else. I'd show you mine, but I couldn't get the app to work. The whole stunt is actually meant to advertise a new Intel chip, the Core i5—each video produced has a little ad for the chip at the end. With all the obsession over personalized Web experiences, I think it's time to admit that the Me Generation wasn't just a phase.

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@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.