You too can smell like the Daytona 500

Arden If not for their appearance within normal advertising pods on television, one might suspect new spots for an Elizabeth Arden cologne called Daytona 500 to be a Saturday Night Live parody in the grotesque tradition of the Bass-O-Matic. The ads show Daytona 500 winner Jimmie Johnson greeting fans, to the chagrin of his lightly jealous wife. The disconnect, of course, is in associating anything remotely pleasant, olfactory-wise, with racetracks or racecar drivers. (Eau de gas fumes? Burning tires? Spilled hydraulic fluid? Sweat and smoke?) The topper is the odd inset shown here, of what must be the package design and inspiration. Fire the art director, because it don’t read at any speed. To quote another famous SNL moment, this one by a guest-starring Steve Martin, “What the hell is that?”

—Posted by Gregory Solman