You say mobisode, I say mobizine …

One sign that digital media is hot again has to be the increasing frequency with which we see people coming up with cutesy new nouns to describe new media forms. Thus, it’s time to discuss what differentiates a “mobizine” from a “mobisode”, and what, if anything, either has to do with the Mafia, or for that matter, this guy. Anyway, earlier this week, we, and our sister pub, Adweek, covered the new “mobisodes” for the Honda Fit. Just now on’s advertising and marketing news page, we see a reference to “mobizines” being offered in the U.K. to promote the Sony Ericcson Walkman phone. In Sony’s case, the company is referring to a mobile music magazine. So what’s the difference? We’re going to jump right in and speculate that a "mobisode" contains episodic video, while a mobizine doesn’t … necessarily … maybe. As for what a better authority—Wikipedia—thinks, the site says the term “mobisode” has actually been trademarked by Fox “for a broadcast television episode specially made for viewing on a mobile telephone screen” while no one has yet had the urge to define “mobizine.” The world—or some of it—is waiting, for anyone caring to take the plunge.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor