The year’s most-liked retail holiday TV spots

AdFreak's parent The Nielsen Company (I asked for a tricycle and an iPhone, just in case they forgot) has gauged the "likeability" of this year's holiday retail TV commercials and come up with a top 10 list. Narratives, nostalgia and family-focused story lines are hot. Sales and price-driven messages, as well as shorter commercials, are faring poorly. Wal-Mart rules overall (doesn't it always?) with the ad above, showing employees turning register lights on and off to the tune of a Christmas song. (Wal-Mart employees are actually robots, and those lights indicate that customer credit cards have been declined. At least, that's been my Wal-Mart Christmas experience.) Placing 10th is a Victoria's Secret spot showing, according to Nielsen, "models wandering through a mansion in brass and ruffled skirts." Um, is it too late to change my list?

—Posted by David Gianatasio