Write your own Kiehl’s skin-care comic strip


Kiehl's Acai damage-repairing skin-care products will make you feel like you have special powers. To celebrate this, Colle+McVoy built a brand site where you can create and share your own pop-art-style comic strip. "The Acai berry is considered a super powered antioxidant," says ecd Mike Caguin. "We wanted to tie in the benefits and restorative powers of the Kiehl’s Acai line in a fun way that lets people express their own POW or super power story as inspired by the new products." You can choose from various characters—that muscular superhero is a dead-on double for me, right down to the skin-tight costumes and masks I've been wearing at the office lately. HR says I should work from home from now on. They're just jealous! Pow!

—Posted by David Gianatasio