Would you shake your junk for a job?

No matter how bleak my current job search gets, at least I’ll never be asked to dance to Village People records during my interview. That’s because I’m not applying for a job at the Philadelphia Park Casino. The casino “is pleased with the response to its unorthodox hiring method,” but some interviewees beg to differ. “I walked out,” says Mary Lou Bentivegna, who was eyeing an accounting position. And “I was talking about going to [work at] the casino for years,” she tells the Bucks County Courier Times. The purpose of all this chicanery is simple. “Every single person at Philadelphia Park Casino needs to know that we’re in the entertainment business,” says a rep, “and customer service here demands outgoing, team-oriented people with truly positive outlooks.” In a charmingly insensitive moment, she even claims that “senior citizens and those with disabilities are applying and participating in the audition process by showing their enthusiasm as best they can, just as the other candidates are.” I imagine paraplegics popping wheelies to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack. All joking aside, Mary Lou Bentivegna got off easy. Some applicants were asked to play air guitar to Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer.” Now that’s cruel. [Photo by Flickr’s Jana Mills.]

—Posted by David Kiefaber