The world’s first amusing dentistry videos

Against all odds, DentalEZ's online series of videos, created by Lanmark Group, lives up to its name: Funny Dental Videos. This is an industry-targeted play touting high-tech dental equipment, which in theory could make humor even more difficult. But these spots are so unrepentantly, sophomorically and at times delightfully goofy, it's easy to see how dentists would be amused, particularly after a long day of asking people to rinse and spit. The RamVac Bulldog QT2 provides suction—we know this because the entire cast of the spot explains how thoroughly "it sucks!" Frankenstein's monster introduces the Freedom Workstation, cringing and grunting when flames shoot out of the device. (Let's hope they don't use that on patients.) There's even a Steve Irwin-type nature host who tracks handheld dental tools in the wild (they rise up from the bush like giraffes), and a poolside skit with sexy guys and gals lounging in J/V Generation dental chairs. These are like good Saturday Night Live ad parodies, except DentalEZ's ads are for real. And that's the tooth! Which, thankfully, is the kind of joke these clips avoid.

—Posted by David Gianatasio