In a World of Insane Homemade Ads for Used Cars, This Might Be the Craziest

Buckle those pelvis straps and hold on!

"Do you want to be perceived as rich and cuddly? Of course you do!"

We've seen our share of crazy homemade ads for used cars. But this one, created by a Swedish art director known as Castor, ranks right up there with the best of them.

"This is a personal ad for my Volvo 245GL '93," he writes. "Red. Five owners before me. Complete service journal by Volvo up until in 2009. Inspected until November 30. New battery and radiator. Summer and winter tires. 7500 Swedish crowns or the highest bidder."

That's about $1,142. A bargain, judging by the epic video.

Via Devour.

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