Women told ugly truth about binge drinking

This poster campaign from TBWA London, warning British women about the long-term dangers of binge drinking, wisely appeals not to their health but to their vanity. The fine print reads: “Wine doesn’t just come with cheese. For women it’s also accompanied by hair loss, wrinkles and obesity, plus the other problems like breast cancer, early menopause and memory loss.” In other words, booze like Bridget Jones and you’ll turn into Dame Edna. A rep for the London Drug and Alcohol Service, which placed the ads in the Underground, explains further: “Liver or heart disease seems a long way off. Our campaign strikes a chord with every woman around the country.” Of course, the headline might also strike a chord with British men, who, despite their imperfections, may not enjoy being likened to blotchy transvestites.

—Posted by Tim Nudd