W+K Writer David Neevel's Latest Harebrained Project: Writing Emails With a Guitar

Because why not?

First, Wieden + Kennedy physicist and copywriter David Neevel broke the laws of God and man by using weird science to separate Oreo cookies from their creamy filling. Now, he's changed his tune, literally, by designing a convoluted contraption that turns a guitar—in his case, a bitchin' Flying V—into a computer keyboard. As he strums and plucks, the notes are translated into signals that the PC reads as keystrokes, and words appear on screen. Some commenters take Dave to task for going about things the hard way. Opines Chris Shaw in the comments section of the YouTube video: "Wouldn't it have been easier to write a few lines of code that would convert MIDI notes to keystrokes? Then you wouldn't need the arduino and all the external hardware just a MIDI interface." Gosh, Chris, wouldn't it have been easier to STFU? Well, at least you know what Arduino is, which is more than I can say for myself. (I'm guessing it's the pick. It's the pick, right?)