Winning makes everything a little rosier

A post-election prediction: The next round of consumer-confidence numbers will show a healthy uptick. With their party shut out of power in Washington, Democrats have adamantly refused to say anything nice about the economy in recent years, even when the empirical data looked pretty decent. (Republicans were grudging during much of the Clinton administration.) A Gallup report last week alluded to “strong partisan differences in economic views that help to explain the dearth of positive economic ratings seen for much of the past six years.” In Gallup’s most recent sounding, 72 percent of Republicans called the economy excellent or good, vs. 28 percent of Democrats. Similarly, a Rasmussen Reports poll released this week found 56 percent of Republicans, but just 12 percent of Democrats, saying the economy is getting better. Now that their party has regained a share of federal power, Democrats will feel less inclined to insist that these are the worst of all possible times. (That’s the theory, anyhow.) One bonus for marketers: Democrats can splurge on holiday gifts this year, confident that the soon-to-be Democratic Congress will take credit for any resulting spurt in economic growth.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver