Will someone please poke Jean-Marie Dru?

As if there weren’t enough ad people on Facebook already, now TBWA is planning to storm the gates, possibly having just heard about this thing called “social networking” that the kids are into. In his weekly missive to employees, TBWA worldwide CEO Jean-Marie Dru proposed that 10,000 staffers from TBWA’s agencies join Facebook en masse this coming Saturday and link up to the TBWA 10×10 Group. The group has a ways to go—it has 569 members at the time of this writing. (The 10×10 thing is a list of stuff TBWA wants to accomplish by 2010. Coming in at No. 5: Become the Most Connected and Collaborative.) Dru is leading by example—up to a point. He has just eight friends. So sad! Will someone throw a sheep at this guy already!

—Posted by Brian Morrissey