Will Oprah dispense with Baby Jake?

A while back, we covered the story of Baby Jake, a little tot
deemed so cute by his mother that he was destined for fame, fortune and an
adulthood worthy of Danny Bonaduce. Mom started a Web site, buyjake.com,
where she hoped to be fielding offers for Jake’s inevitable Hollywood career. (Don’t visit it unless you have extra insulin in the
home. It’s so syrupy that even the non-diabetic should be prepared.) Now, from Defamer, we learn that Baby Jake has allegedly
gotten a call from the big “O” herself, Oprah Winfrey, offering to give Baby Jake
$10,000 if he’d just go away and promise never to be used for commercial
purposes again. (Since taking the offer would be a career killer, Baby Jake’s people are so far turning the offer down.) As Defamer’s source appears to be Baby Jake’s blog, we are more
than a little skeptical about the supposed offer. If it were that easy to get $10,000 out of Oprah, we’d
all be doing it.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor