Will Nivea Lose Rihanna Over Racist Ad?

Singer signed major endorsement deal this spring

This week's outcry over Nivea for Men's racist "Re-Civilize Yourself" ad has led some to call for Rihanna to cancel her endorsement contract with the company. The 23-year-old, Barbados-born singer signed a major deal with the skin-care brand this spring to help celebrate its 100-year anniversary. Nivea is sponsoring her tour; she lent her song "California King Bed" to a commercial; she has her own enormous section on the Nivea website; she even posed topless to introduce the partnership (full image after the jump). It seems unlikely that she would ditch the whole thing over a misstep at a different division of the company, although some fans at least want a statement from her. So far, she hasn't offered one, preferring to focus on her European tour. ("NORWAY!!!! I fell in love with you foreverrrrr….") What do you think she should do?