Will Debbie Phelps lose any endorsements?

In the wake of Michael Phelps' little marijuana faux pas, Kellogg's has said it will not be renewing his sponsorship contract, saying his behavior is "not consistent with the image of Kellogg." This removes him from both the boxes of regular corn flakes and flakes of the frosted variety. Of course, in the office betting pool of which endorsement deal will be the next to go, everyone seems to be forgetting about Debbie Phelps. You remember Michael's mom and her myriad sponsorships, which amounted to more moolah that most actual Olympians saw. Well, if you agree with many of the "leave Michael alone" columnists and celebrities who point out that he's just a dumb kid, then Debbie's really the one we should be blaming. She clearly is not the champion mom we thought she was if she lets her 23-year-old child engage in behaviors like these! Chicos? SC Johnson? I demand immediate action. Or at least a promise not to fund that crazy baby-collecting octuplets lady.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers