Who gives a damn about Jim and Pam?

I’ve warmed up to the U.S. version of The Office, but this new “Jim and Pam” promo, advertising the new season, is excruciating. It’s perfectly executed, with all the clichés—the sappy music, the absurd, sentimental copy (“We cheered him on when hope seemed lost”), the cliff-hangery teaser. It’s so perfect, I hoped it was a parody. But no—they actually are turning this comedy about delusional, stupid, selfish idiots into a melodrama about unrequited love. Infusing the meaninglessness of office life with meaning. It almost feels offensive. NBC’s done its research; no doubt this is what viewers want. Those of us who have never actually cheered Jim on when hope seemed lost will just have to deal. And right before Jim and Pam do finally get together, we’ll probably have to deal with another poignant promo: one promising “a very special episode of The Office.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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