Where Sony really got its colorful bunnies

Via Adrants, Sony has issued this statement about its new Bravia ad: “There is suggestion that there is a similarity between an illustration by Kozyndan and the new Sony Bravia ‘Play-Doh’ advert. Sony would like to stress that the advert conception, creative and final animation is not based on any pre-existing artwork.” Which is true. How do I know? Because it’s based on my troubled psyche! It’s been well established that I enjoyed Play-Doh well into my 30s, and I’ve confided in co-workers that huge colorful bunnies chase me in my nightmares. A few of them needed counseling themselves after last year’s corporate outing, where I broke down screaming, “The bunnies are coming! Don’t let them get me!” We were on a whale watch in Boston Harbor at the time. Strange, if you lick the new Bravia ad, it tastes like rabbit stew.

—Posted by David Gianatasio