Where are the last few cans of New Coke?

For a product so widely despised, New Coke (aka Coke II) still gets an admirable amount of ink. Malcolm Gladwell spends three pages on it in Blink. Paul Ormerod discusses it at length in Why Most Things Fail. It’s been mentioned in the past week in magazines ranging from Forbes to Sports Illustrated (though not in the smutty swimsuit issue). Basically, if you need to trot out an example of bungled corporate marketing, this is your can. However, if it’s an actual taste of New Coke that you want, that’s another matter—and, for cultish acolytes, a pressing one. So, can one still buy New Coke? Not in the U.S., outside of eBay—it seems to have survived in some Midwestern markets until the late ’90s but was discontinued by 2002. If you really can’t live without it, you should hop on a plane to the Federated States of Micronesia. They’re apparently still selling it in Yap, one of those states. But prepare to be ridiculed. As one commenter rants on the New Coke thread linked above: “Why don’t you put … effort into things that actually matter, like your job or taking care of your families? No, you would rather search the Internet and travel over great masses of land endlessly complaining for a final sip of some stupid drink you can make yourself by mixing Coke and Pepsi. It’s the same sugary concoction, you morons.” Nicely put.