When you’re sick and tired of eating right

Every Thanksgiving I temper my appetite by looking up some of the world’s grossest recipes. (One for White Castle stuffing stands out.) Now, with swimsuit season heartily upon me, here’s comes this winner: The Twinkies Cookbook. That’s right, one Theresa Cogswell has compiled 50 different recipes utilizing Twinkies, ranging from the truly stomach-turning Twinkie Burrito and Twinkie Lasagna to the berry-filled, red, white and blue Patriotic Twinkie Pie. Can’t wait for the 4th. And for those of you who want to make Twinkies themselves from scratch, you can find recipes for homemade ones here and here. (The latter recasts the Hostess Twinkies name as Hopeless Twinkles.) We can’t make any guarantees about the shelf life.

—Posted by Aaron Baar

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