What? Still washing your crotch with soap?

It’s sad to realize that most men are wandering through life with the mistaken belief that normal cleaning products are good enough for their genitals. Not so, according to Man Junk, a line of organic shampoos for the discriminating scrotum. According to the Man Junk Web site, "Any product that’s made to clean your neck, back, buttocks or legs isn’t going to provide the specific levels of odor fighting and skin treatment that Man Junk does." Wait, I’m supposed to have back, buttock and leg shampoos, too? Do I still need soap? By the way, if you’ve got a video camera, some extra cash and no dignity whatsoever, you can enter the Man Junk video contest. Entries are due Dec. 31. You have to buy some product to enter, and the prize is only listed as "a free trip to a secret tropical location and some green cash." If that’s not worth telling the world about your dirty crotch, I don’t know what is. Hat tip to David Stutts on Twitter.