What if New York went Dutch?

You might not know this from looking around, but New York City, as we’ve known it since the 1600s, is in grave danger. A band of employees from PPGH/JWT Amsterdam has embarked on a tongue-in-cheek mission to “Give Us Back New York”—i.e., put it back in Dutch hands, renaming it New Amsterdam. But it doesn’t stop there. In their warped dreams of domination, they envision canals on Wall Street, a renaming of the Yankees, sidewalk vendors who sell herring instead of hotdogs, and Starbucks outlets that don’t limit their wares to coffee and Rolling Stones CDs. You can check out the site, which includes a piece of video propaganda, here. The strange part is that, if the site is any guide, colleagues in JWT’s New York office are lending their support.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor