What else could advertising agencies sell?

Independently owned ad agency Brooklyn Brothers is getting into the candy business via a line of organic chocolates. The shop is neither in Brooklyn nor owned by brothers, but the sweets are branded Fat Pig, so they’re running about 50/50 in terms of truth in advertising. If more agencies created their own products to advertise, they’d never be wanting for accounts. And instead of fighting with clients to sell through campaigns, they could just mutter to themselves to resolve creative differences. Wieden + Kennedy should just slap a “W” on cheap Taiwanese-made sneakers, call it a “Woosh” and jack up the price. Likewise, TBWAChiatDay could pick up used Zunes for next to nothing on eBay, rebrand them ChiatPlays and sell them for half the price. As for airlines, well, some enterprising agency should simply claim to have a launched a new carrier without actually doing so. Sure, angry travelers would be stranded at airports with no way to get to their destinations, worthless tickets clutched in their hands—but is that so different from your typical experience with United or Delta?