This is whacked

Googlelogo_1Haven’t Googlewhacked yet? Well, then, obviously you don’t suffer from having too much time on your hands.

According to Webopedia, a Googlewhack is “a search term of two or more words that will produce only a single search return” on Google and is even referred to as a sport with official rules. OK, now it may be painfully obvious why you haven’t Googlewhacked.

But pop phenomenon it appears to be anyway—according to The New York Post, it has even spawned a one-man off-Broadway show, Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure. Or maybe the show is some form of subsversive Googly marketing?

Go see the show, or Googlewhack if you must. But please, please don’t ever try to get Googlewhacking into the Olympics.

–Posted by Catharine P. Taylor