We’ll get another chance

Sometimes AdFreak’s life seems to consist mostly of a never-ending succession of envelopes coming through the mail to us from Citibank, all with the words “LAST CHANCE” printed on them in big black letters, like it’s our final hope to be cured of some unspeakable financial disease.

The fact is—and actually, we get these envelopes from AT&T Universal Card, too, since they are all part of the same big, happy credit-card family—that it’s another one of those low-interest-rate offers giving us just one more opportunity to trade in our egregiously high interest rate for a lower one. Except sometimes we get these offers at the rate of two or three a week.

Maybe, just possibly, with people who have short-term memory loss, this particular piece of direct mail actually works. But for those of us who can actually remember back to yesterday—or even the day before!—these offers are an annoyance, and a lie. As we’ve come to discover after years of study, none of the solicitations like the one we got yesterday is the “LAST CHANCE.” They are all just the last chance before the next chance.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

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