The Week on AdFreak

Funniest commercials, sheepvertising, ads that catch mobsters, and more

In keeping with Adweek's comedy issue, there's was plenty of funny business going on this week. We looked at 10 of the most amusing commercials ever made, and also witnessed some humorous new work—including a menstrual brand's song about the vagina, and a British farmer's wild and woolly ads-on-sheep initiative. Oh, and a 30-second spot put an end to a 16-year manhunt. Our most-wanted stories from this week, after the jump.

  1. The Funniest Ads Ever

    Hey, someone had to pick them. These were our choices for the 10 commercials that had the last laugh in a world full of comic ads. 10 Funniest Commercials of All Time

  2. The Vagina Song

    Who doesn't love a good song about vaginas? British ad agency St. Luke's and Mooncup (makers of an insertable, reusable, silicon menstrual cup) sure so. They collected more than 14,000 nicknames for the vagina and put 25 of them into a song. Not a family song. Menstrual Brand Squeezes 25 Pet Names for Vagina Into New Song

  3. TV Spot Catches a Mobster

    A 30-second spot ended a mobster's 16 years on the run this week. Legendary Boston mobster Whitey Bulger was arrested in California after a tipster saw a new television PSA about the case and recognized Bulger's girlfriend. The 30-second spot—not quite sleeping with the fishes. Here's the Ad That Led the FBI to Whitey Bulger

  4. Facebook That Looks Like Excel

    Diesel's "Be Stupid at Work" app makes Facebook look like an Excel spreadsheet, allowing you to continue circulating unfunny memes when you should be working. Slackers, rejoice! Diesel Makes Facebook Look Like Excel, so You Can Slack Off at Work

  5. Ads on Sheep

    Consumers are often described as sheep, so perhaps they will be receptive to ad messages scrawled on the farm-animal variety? That's the hope of one British farmer, anyway, who was blocked from placing billboards on a nearby highway. No one's going to pull the wool over this guy's nose. British Farmer Gets Wild and Woolly With Ads on Sheep

  6. Heidi Klum Gets Naked (Again)

    It's not really news—but Heidi Klum stripped down for a new ad promoting season 9 of Project Runway. "I guess you could say 'Hans and Franz' are celebrating season nine!" she said, referring to her breasts. Does that mean they're artificially pumped up? Heidi Klum Gets Naked for Latest 'Project Runway' Ad