The Week on AdFreak

Scams, douches, lawsuits, and Cheesy Poofs: the week's top posts

The warm weather brought out hot tempers in the ad world this week. Kim Kardashian sued Old Navy for using a model who looks like her (Melissa Molinaro, above) in its ads. The haters jumped all over the new Summer's Eve campaign and its talking vaginas. And Cannes organizers finally smacked down a Brazilian agency for entering bogus work (celebrating pedophilia!) into their festival. On the flip side, we got another new Old Spice guy (emphasis on old), and saw some clever creative work this week, much of it outdoor advertising—ironic, considering everyone was cowering inside all week trying to avoid the heat. Below, check out the 10 most-read AdFreak posts of the week, from lawsuits to Cheesy Poofs.

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