The Week on AdFreak

Zombie bowling balls, nude models, Titanic ad fails, and physics problems: the week's top posts

It was a fairly ugly week on AdFreak, from disembodied-head bowling balls to a nude-photo artist's scuffle with Zappos to Levi's poorly timed rebellion-themed commercials in Europe. On the flip side, we got … a nice new Budweiser can. Below, it's the 10 most-read stories of the week.

1. Horror Channel Rolls Out World's Gnarliest Bowling Balls

2. Q&A: Nude-Photo Artist Accuses Zappos of Ripping Her Off

3. 1912 Titanic Ad Fail: Set Sail to Europe on a Big Ship Today!

4. Stephen Colbert's Rick Perry Ad Urges Iowans to Write in 'Rick Parry'

5. McDonald's Makes You Work for Dollar Coins Embedded in Ice

6. Jonathan's Card: Cool Social Experiment or Starbucks Marketing Stunt?

7. Does This Farmers Insurance Ad Get Its Physics All Wrong?

8. Levi's Thinks It's a Good Time for Riot Imagery in Ads

9. Fail Britannia! VisitBritain Tourism Ads Put on Hold Overseas

10. What Do You Think of Budweiser's New Can Design?