Ways to save ABC’s ‘Cavemen’ from itself

In May, the pilot episode of Cavemen, the ABC sitcom based on Geico’s ad campaign, was proclaimed “astoundingly awful.” So it’s no surprise that Cavemen now ranks among the highest-rated new fall shows, at least in terms of viewer buzz. It actually placed second to NBC’s Bionic Woman remake in a TV Dailies poll. If both shows end up lacking in quality, perhaps they could join forces. There’s clearly crossover potential here. True fans will recall that the original Bionic Woman, played by the inimitable Lindsay Wagner (shown here), battled a hairy nemesis. It was a Sasquatch, actually, played by Ted “Lurch” Cassidy from The Addams Family! But that’s close enough to a caveman. Sandy Duncan guest starred! (Google her, people. For some of us, she was the ’70s.) Naturally, the plot involved aliens, tying into today’s extraterrestrial theme on AdFreak. Where were we—Cavemen? Is it just me, or does David Duchovny (well acquainted with mythical creatures and aliens) resemble one these days?

—Posted by David Gianatasio