Watch our network, or be eaten by rodent

As media continues to fragment, how do you get people to watch your shows? You tell them that if they don’t, an evil guinea pig will ravage their kidneys while they sleep. This campaign, from the twisted wreckage of Eric Silver’s brain at BBDO
New York, advertises G4’s Midnight Spank block of late-night shows. See two other executions here and here. UPDATE: As Eddie points out in comments, the guinea-pig spot may have been inspired by a Masters of Horror episode called Dreams in the Witch-House. Here’s the trailer for that episode; it also features a murderous rodent (a rat, this time), and there’s even a shot of it sitting on the guy’s chest. Also, one of the other Midnight Spank spots linked above has a deer with a woman’s voice. Was that inspired by the Masters of Horror episode Deer Woman?

—Posted by Tim Nudd