Was $250K too much or too little for ‘SyFy’?

Scifi syfy

It seems like everyone hates NBC Universal's rebranding of the
Sci Fi Channel as "SyFy,"
and now even the guy who came up with the
name has a beef. Michael Hinman says he was paid $250,000 to sell the name of his Web
site, SyFy Portal. But he claims he never knew who was behind the purchase, and
that NBC operated through a shell company to keep the price down. Honestly,
though, for  "SyFy," wasn't $250,000
more than enough? Maybe he should take a page from his beloved genre and travel
back in time and un-sell the brand. Well, at least Hinman hasn't lost his
touch. He's re-christened his site "Airlock Alpha." Personally, I think that's a far worse name than SyFy, so maybe it'll fetch
seven figures when he puts it on the block.

—Posted by David Gianatasio