Waiting in Line Goes From Boring to Brutal in Free-Sample Stunt

Testing the limits of a cheapskate's endurance

How far are people willing to go, physically and emotionally, to get a free sample? Australian agency Clemenger BBDO continues its quest to find out by making consumers work hard (and sometimes look a bit foolish) for free Fantastic Delites rice snacks.

Shoppers were asked to queue up for ridiculously long periods of time, even when there was no one standing ahead of them, to get a bag of Fantastic Delites Curls.

After making folks wait and then navigate a winding maze at an outdoor mall, the scenario was repeated at an ice rink and in a pond where the water looks kind of scummy, but no one seems to mind getting wet. Hey, they saved about $2, and the snacks are gluten-free!

The "How Far Would You Go" campaign's been around for a few years, and it's generated a couple of viral videos, so I'm assuming some, if not most, of the people who lined up had a notion of what they were in for. 

"It seems no matter what challenge we throw out there, be it mindlessly pressing a button on a vending machine 5,000 times, or the indignity of dressing as a rodent and spinning a mouse wheel for five minutes, the punters always seem to come back for more," says agency cd Matt O'Grady. "Maybe we're not making them difficult enough?"

Wondering what sadistic challenge they'll dream up next? Get in line.

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