VW gets punchy with Sluggy Patterson work

Crispin's Volkswagen work wasn't for everyone, including the client, which parted ways with the shop last August. The sometimes-bizarre vibe of the "Das Auto" days is long gone in Deutsch's first work, a series of faux documentaries about Sluggy Patterson, who purportedly started the road-trip game "Punch Bug" (rechristened here as "Punch Dub"), where you punch the person next to you when you see a VW Bug (or in this case, any VW). Sluggy, as you'd expect from his name, is your typical old codger, employing some salty language in an interview given in a diner. He's tech savvy, though, since he's got a Twitter account and blog. VW is running ads on the Super Bowl this year, most likely featuring Sluggy. Will Punch Dub sweep the nation? Probably not. For every "Whassup?" that gets ingrained in pop culture, there are an untold number of failed attempts by advertisers to gin up some kind of "cultural movement." But keep your guard up in case someone drives past in a Jetta.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey