VW Beetle Turned Into Underwater Shark Cage for Shark Week

Drive it around the ocean floor

Volkswagen's shark-cage Beetle, built by Deutsch and MediaCom for a recent promotional tie-in with the 25th anniversary of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, looks aqua-futuristic in the video below as it rolls along the ocean floor. Even constructed of aluminum bars and tricked out with propellers, the Beetle shape is instantly recognizable. (Suck it, Jetta!) The best part of the clip comes toward the end, when we catch a rearview-mirror glimpse of sharks gnashing their teeth and acting all menacing. Must be looking back at the dealership. Still, I'd hold off on buying one of these until we all live in bubble-domes beneath the sea. A shark-cage Beetle might seem cool, but it's no fun to drive in the rain. More images after the jump. Via Adverblog.

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