Volunteers needed to decipher ‘Fringe’ ads

"Imagine the impossibilities" is the tagline of Fox’s much-hyped ad campaign for its much-hyped "extreme science" series Fringe, from J.J. Abrams, the guy who created the much-hyped Lost, which, let’s be honest, at this point would benefit from the introduction of some dinosaurs (or Martians, or maybe both). The marketing for Fringe is getting convoluted, too, with the production company staging its own “mysterious” campaign (apart from Fox) that includes a YouTube video with a 12-fingered man. Some ads challenge viewers to “find the pattern.” It would be cool if the Fringe promos morphed into co-branding for the upcoming X-Files movie, another Fox property known for its beguiling (often insufferable) plot twists. Mulder and Scully had a kid. I think it was a Martian with 12 fingers. I used to vaguely resemble David Duchovny when we were both a lot younger and had all our hair. God, I miss the ’90s.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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