Volkswagen Races Beetles (the Insect Kind) on Tiny Course in ‘Bug Run’

Win prizes, and even bet on the critters

Those interested in wasting time on the Internet in every possible way might want to check out Volkswagen's Bug Run, an online race for beetles—actual insects, not cute cars—engineered by DDB Stockholm. The races began Monday. DDB tells us: "There will be one race per day broadcast over a five-day period (Mon-Fri). Races on the first four days are qualifying heats with the final being on Friday. Each race will consist of eight bugs, with the two fastest progressing from each heat to the final. In order to rank each beetle, a qualifying heat has been held. Forty beetles entered, and only 32 made it to the heats." My favorite racer is named Shitty Bill. Seriously. We're told on his bio page that he "comes straight from the dumpster." Magnus the bug wrangler assures us all the creepy contestants "are properly cared for and all will be released exactly where they were found." (Behind my fridge, probably.) The 2,920-millimeter racecourse, with its detailed landscape of hills, bridges, buildings and display Beetles—capital B this time—is pretty cool. Play for points to win trips to London, racing and soccer tickets, or Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Lucky folks in Sweden and Denmark can place real money bets, because that's how they roll—or in this case, scuttle—in their pest-infested socialist utopias.

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