Video Game About Failure and Regret Will Bring You Down

Give Up doesn't even want you to try

Armor Games, game designer John Cooney and walk-through video icon Tasselfoot have put together a gory, frustrating and addictive Flash game called Give Up, in which you control a little guy trying to dodge spikes and guided lasers while an overseer encourages you to, well, give up by clicking the big blue button under the game screen. Give Up is described right up top as "a game about failure and regret." So, don't expect to raise your spirits significantly. While the game is pretty hard, the Rage Quit video review of it is a little unnecessary—early NES games hated the player just as much, if not more, than Give Up does. I can't imagine how anyone bitching about this game would have reacted to Ghost'n Goblins. Via Laughing Squid.