Victims speak up in Burnett’s Amnesty spot

Leo Burnett in Venezuela worked with six different directors on this intense Amnesty International appeal. "We work for those who know more about human rights. The ones who don't have any," says the line at the end. And those are exactly the folks who explain in the spot what Amnesty is and does—the twist being that their testimonies come as they're tortured, abused and held captive. In a sense, this is empowering, since they speak out at the precise moment when their tormenters would wish them to suffer in silence. This device, along with the quick-shifting scenarios and contrasting visual styles, commands attention and gives the ad extra bite. The unnerving ending seals the deal. A girl says a bedtime prayer as a figure approaches in the background. We never learn her fate—which, tragically, is just how the story unfolds for so many victims in real life. Via The Inspiration Room.

—Posted by David Gianatasio