VH1 provides outlet for all of the useless trivia clogging your brain

Not that we’ll be participating, as our job is merely to observe, but—especially as a service to those of you who continue to comment frequently to our Gastineau Girls post—we’d like to point out that VH1 is hosting a "World Series of Pop Culture." The initial qualifying round is taking place at VH1.com at 7 p.m. EST tonight. Those who are selected, through a formula that seems to combine pop culture savvy with that certain "x" factor seen in reality show participants, will compete in New York in late April at the Ziegfeld Theater. (That part will make it on to the cable network.) According to the Web site, the so-called "Pop Culture IQ Test" taking place tonight will be divided into six sections, ranging from lyric identification to "pop culture trivia math questions." Want an example of math trivia? What is the correct answer to George Costanza’s favorite baby name multiplied by the number of children on The Cosby Show minus the number of nipples Chandler Bing had before his "nubbinectomy”? Fortunately, it’s a multiple-choice question—the answer is 32, 39, 52 or 63. Let the games begin.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor