VB beer saves you from the metrosexual life


Droga5 takes male bonding to weepy extremes in Australian brewer VB's new "Real" campaign. It's designed to lampoon the superficiality of the modern male experience by poking fun at spray-on tans, plastic surgery, compulsive workouts and such. So, what exactly is the alternative? Apparently, it's raising a pint with teary-eyed, pasty-faced pals whose boobs hang down past their sagging waistlines. Shouldn't the only breasts bobbing in beer commercials be female? Also, using Neil Diamond's "Hello Again" on the soundtrack sans slo-mo footage of bikini babes makes VB seem like the lager for wussies. I guess it's meant to be ironic. Thanks, but I'll take a nice, slow-poured Carlton Draught instead.