U.S. Marine selling his name to advertisers

Choosemyname_1 It’s been at least several weeks since someone tried to sell advertising space on their forehead or their newborn to the highest bidder. This time, we have Cody Baker, a U.S. Marine who’s auctioning off his own name for the benefit of his family and an orphanage he supports in Thailand. This guy’s got a serious bio page on his site, including this tidbit: “I can still remember the stories that my mother used to tell me about the day that I was born. She would say, ‘Your father had picked out the name Cody, but I just wasn’t sure that it was the name for you. Then, when I held you in my arms for the first time and looked into your eyes, I knew that you were a Cody.’ ” Who’s up for proving his mother wrong? The current high bidder, at a healthy $26,333.31, is CupOJoeOnline.com, which wants Cody to change his name to Finest Freshest Fastest. Other bidders so far include MyFatRobot.com and AreYouMyWife.com. Bidding goes until midnight on New Year’s Eve.

—Posted by Tim Nudd