Unscrew yourself for brighter days ahead

Unscrewamerica "Unscrew America" could work as a slogan for most of the remaining presidential candidates. But it’s been snapped up by GSD&M Idea City for a pro-bono campaign aimed at getting Americans to unscrew their old lightbulbs and replace them with energy-efficient ones. The youth-friendly Web site, UnscrewAmerica.org, features a jittery land- and skyscape with comically named sections like “The high cost of awesomeness” and “Personal economics, or ‘Suck it, Earth!’ ” TV spots are due by the end of the week. For now, the “videos” section is limited to footage of a kangeroo playing the Australian national anthem on a keyboard guitar—Australia having already banned the sale of incandescent light bulbs.

—Posted by Tim Nudd