Under construction, and out to lunch

SocketAn AdFreak reader passed along this link so we could continue our dissection of agency Web sites. But with this one, from Cossette Post, the New York arm of Quebec City-based Cossette Communication Group, there’s not much to dissect. The site is temporarily under construction, which we’re finding increasingly inexcusable these days; in business, it’s your primary window to the world. Surely putting up something is better than giving the world the impression that digitally speaking, no one’s home. The situation here is only made worse by the site’s only visual (pictured here). A burnt-out electrical socket? What’s that supposed to mean? Our servers overheated, so the site’s down? Our brains are fried so we can’t figure out how to get the site back up? UPDATE: Someone commenting on this post just clued us in that the "under construction" home page is now down—replaced with the home page for the parent company. As we put this post up more than a day ago, we’re sure this is just a coincidence. Thanks for the tip Rosebud Henri Withmustard.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor