Twix Unveils Rivalry Campaign, Pitting Left Bar Against Right Bar

BBDO sketches origins of a bitter feud

An election year would seem an auspicious time to launch an ad campaign pitting right against left in a petty war whose origins are obscure and whose resolution seems all but impossible. We're speaking, of course, of the new Twix campaign from BBDO. Introduced by agency and client Mars Inc. at a press conference in Cannes last month, the campaign has reached YouTube, with the initial 60-second spot posted below. It's a humorous period piece that posits a ludicrous origin story for the product. It shows two Victorian-dandy inventors who invent a single-bar Twix, but constantly fight over it—eventually breaking it in two. Sick of each other, the inventors split up and create their own factories, each making their own bars. The spot launches in the U.S. and Germany this month before rolling out globally, followed by more commercials and digital elements that could include competing websites, competing Facebook pages, etc. An official Obama-Romney tie-in seems unlikely, but surely this sweet candy bar will find other ways of indulging in America's current favorite pastime—acrimonious partisanship. Via Co.Create.

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