Town called Speed changes name for safety


It's usually a bit pathetic when towns rename themselves as part of a marketing campaign. These stunts date back to at least the 1950s, when the New Mexico town of Hot Springs changed its name to Truth or Consequences as part of a promotion by the NBC radio show of that name. In 1999, at the height of the dot-com bubble, Halfway, Ore., changed its name to in a stunt dreamed up by that Web site. (It became Oregon's poorest town the following year.) And in 2005, Clark, Texas, agreed to become DISH, Texas, in exchange for a decade of free DISH satellite TV for the residents (all 218 of them). Now, a small town in Australia is changing its name, but for a good cause. As part of a state road-safety campaign, Speed agreed to change its name to Speedkills—if it got 10,000 likes on Facebook. Well, it's more than doubled than goal, and the change is going ahead. Check out the appeal video below, which nicely uses the town's quaint charm to urge motorists to slow down—on the roads and in life. Via Adland.