Too many movie tie-ins to a Geisha

Kimono1_1When a Star Wars movie comes out and Burger King slaps blow-up Darth Vaders on its rooftops, that makes sense to me. Teens want to watch such a movie and eat fast food, sure. But the elaborate tie-ins with Memoirs of a Geisha, which opens nationwide on Dec. 9, seem like much ado about a movie that might not make much of a splash during the holiday movie crush. Banana Republic has a limited edition Memoirs of a Geisha line (a kimono from it is pictured here); Fresh is selling a line of beauty products tied in with the film; and even the storyline of an the NBC show Medium had an episode centered around Memoirs. Do they expect grown women to react to tie-ins like a teen would? A bit of overzealous promotion, if you ask me.

—Posted by Mae Anderson