Toledo Man's Billboard Plea: 'Please Hire My Wife'

Sweet new entry in job-search genre

We've seen a lot of regular folks put up "Please hire me" and "Please marry me" billboards over the years. But this "Please hire my wife" billboard is sort of a combination of the two—the first we've seen of its kind. It went up in Toledo, Ohio, a place not known for romance or high employment. Go figure. The billboard is basically a giant résumé for Holly Stuard, whose husband Brandon commissioned it to try and help her find a new job. He surprised her with it too, telling the press it "probably would have never gone up" if he'd asked Holly's permission. Holly agreed, saying, "I think I definitely would have said no." I'm sure she's still touched by the effort. They haven't gotten any leads from it yet, but I hope they do. Brandon seems like a chill bro.